Covid Safety Information / Return to Training

The following plans have been developed in conjunction with the AFL’s Return to Play Framework for small group / non-contact training at WSJAFC. All officials, players and parents are required to familiarise themselves and adhere to the protocols in order to ensure a safe return to footy at Wests. Until further notice, training will be in small group groups of up to 10 participants (including coach) and will be non-contact. Training will be based on a ‘get in/train/get out’ principle.

A revised training schedule will be provided when approved. Teams will be allocated 55-minute training slots with a 10-minute change over period to allow time for groups to safely change-over between training sessions.

Overview of training arrangements

  • The oval will be divided in to three zones with one training group per zone – refer to training schedule
  • Training groups are to be no larger than 10 participants including coach.
  • All players and coaches are required to sanitise their hands before entering the training area and when finishing. Each team will be provided with a spray bottle of alcohol-based sanitiser suitable for use on both hands and surfaces.
  • Players and coaches are to stay within their designated training group for the entire training session.
  • No one else is allowed in the training area.
  • No equipment other than cones and footballs.
  • Footballs are to be sanitised at the conclusion of each session.
  • No shared water bottles
  • Attendance at training will be recorded in order to support contact tracing if required.
  • Change rooms are not open


  • Please do not attend training if you are feeling unwell.
  • Be on time for training and come ready to train – change rooms are not in
  • Don’t linger before or after training: get in / train / get out.
  • Make sure you sanitise your hands before and after training.
  • Training is strictly non-contact: no tackling, no bumping, no marking contests etc.
  • Maintain social distance and avoid handshakes, high-fives etc.
  • Stick with your training group for the entire session and don’t enter the training zone of another group.


  • Please do not send kids to training if they are unwell.
  • If dropping off/picking up, please be on time to avoid having kids linger
  • Parents are allowed to attend training to spectate, but please observe the ‘one parent per player’ principle and maintain social distance at all times
  • Parents are not to enter the training area at any time unless they have been designated as a group coach.

Coaches & Mangers

  • Please do not attend training if you are feeling unwell.
  • If you believe a player is unwell, ask them to sit out training and contact their parents.
  • Stick the training times and please make sure you have vacated the field in time for the next team to start.

Training Groups

  • Maximum training group size of 10 is inclusive of coach.
  • No equipment other than footballs and cones.
  • Coach cannot move between groups – need to stay with the same group. Parent volunteers may be able to assist with supervising other training groups, or you can provide them with
    instruction from outside their zone.
  • Players need to stay in their groups for the entire session. You can mix the groups up from week to week, but not in any-one training session.

Change Rooms & Equipment

  • Change rooms will not be open for training.
  • Kit bags will be available in the storage area of the rooms. Only one person is permitted to enter the rooms at a time to access/put away equipment.


  • Each team kit bag will be supplied with a spray bottle of alcohol-based sanitiser that is suitable for both hands and surfaces.
  • Please ensure players sanitise hands when commencing and concluding training.
  • Footballs need to be sanitised at the end of each group session.

Group Training Log

  • We need to keep a record of attendance at training
    for each training group. Please fill out the attendance sheet at training, photograph it and email to:

As coaches will be busy with training it is recommended that team manager (or nominated parent helper) be in attendance to complete attendance register and lodge with the Secretary/Covid Safety Officer after training.

  • Don’t put pressure on players and their families who don’t feel comfortable about returning to training yet – try to give them some other options to train independently until they feel ready.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Covid safety at Wests, please feel free to contact the WSJAFC Secretary, Simon Cooper who is our nominated COVID Safety Officer: / PH: 0457 517 274