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Under 13 Div 1 Semi Final -  Wests Magpies 4.6-30 Vs Maroubra  5.9-39

Pioneers Park, Malabar, Sunday 21 August, 2016.


The Magpies were narrowly edged out of Finals contention at Pioneers Park in the teeth of a freezing gale on Sunday.


The low scores emphasised the intensity of the contest and the challenging conditions, but our team played out the whole match. A hard-fought result could easily have swung the other way, with just 10 points needed for victory by Wests.  However, the winds that lashed the pitch effectively limited scoring opportunities to the two quarters each team was running with the breeze.  Jodie, running for Wests, was brought to a standstill by the gale!  Klaus called it a four goal wind.


Maroubra had the wind in the first quarter, holding us 0.0-0 - our first ever scoreless quarter, before we returned 3.0-18 in the second.  


The southerners replied 4.4-28 against another 0.0-0 from us before our 1.6-12 in the last stanza.


The Maroubrans were familiar with our team too and tagged Ozzie, Will and Nick throughout the match in what was a very messy game.


Every ball was contested hard, but fair by both sides in a struggle that some described as the most physical of the season.  Three Maroubra players were injured and even the parents were at risk, as Mary said: “I was on the edge of my seat the whole match. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!”


Rhysie M, who took a knock, and Bili, were in everything, as were our two Dans, K & S, Will S, Jacob and Finn who played a blinder, along with the tireless Kaidyn.  Under immense pressure at full back, Charlie, was a rock, wrecking many Maroubra attempts and chasing hard.  Lochie and Antony stood tall in the melee anchoring the Magpies’ play, while Will B, Nick and Ozzie strove to shed their Maroubra shadows.


Ozzie, Bili, Will B and Nick scored our majors, while Lez nearly popped another through from the square.


Brian rucked for the whole match, tirelessly going up against the Maroubra ruckman who was 15 cm taller, but who lost repeatedly to our flyer.


With six behinds in the last quarter for our Westies, it was only ill luck that was the difference as two sure six-pointers failed at the last gasp.  As Klaus said: “Any two of those should have been goals for us. It was just luck.”


Brian even took time from rucking us into the match to kick a 40m beauty that at the last put the Sherrin in for a behind.


Thomas played despite an injured leg, Will D was on the sideline hobbled by by-laws and Max, still injured, prowled beside him in support.


Sibella put in her usual tenacious game for the first half, before Sally sped her north to play with the girls’ team, which triumphed 42-24.


The team played its collective heart out against our old rivals, Maroubra, as coach Anthony and his supporters did everything that could be done to bring the team home to victory.  As Jodie said: “He could lift you out of a well with words!”


Wests’ parents all described a whole of team effort to finish a journey that began in Div 2 and saw our Magpies lift and lift to reach third in the Div 1 comp and book a place in the semi final.  All the players improved out of their socks, time and again surprising better fancied opposition.


It must have been noticed as the Swans’ coach John Longmire came to watch the match! He may also have been watching his son play for Maroubra.


Anthony said: “They were terrific today. Not one person didn’t put in."  And the greatest accolade was: “The boys never stopped trying”.


Look out 2017. Go Wests!


Report: The Scribe and Cub Reporters.